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By V. Sankrithi Krishnan

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Processes themselves must have been originally guided logical necessity, human beings ; by a psycho same in all since their course has been essentially the or else they have attained to such mechanical become facility, certainty even within the conscious so much a matter of habit, and that they take place with unconscious life. We must further presuppose the beginnings and appropriation of language, since conscious and volun tary Thought takes place almost entirely through its aid. Properly speaking, then, that Thought by which ideas are first produced does not first come within the scope of our enquiry, nor yet the investigation of the origin of language, and the appropriation of it by the individual, although we may be obliged to touch upon these questions as our analysis proceeds.

Sarily ; but as in is not A special form the organic is kingdom can discharge functions which are it is also with classes of words, such Different kinds of words do not neces correspond to differences of meaning in such a way that we can be guided entirely by these external characteristics, of the indications given by language, nature But the clue is. the peculiarity of the structure of language that as of the objects we must take of Thought, which alone While still keeping sight a general survey of the will show us how far differences in forms of speech correspond to differences of mental content.

Content, which can give nothing of which we have become Number content. when beyond itself; they are mental processes and it is this that gives them their conscious, also has its origin in such mental processes, similar contents are spatially or temporally differentiated, tinguishable repetition of the same intuition such, while each step of the repetition hended is comes retained in and arises and the dis into consciousness as memory and compre new in a The fact that I see three unity with the preceding series.

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