New PDF release: An East India Company Cemetery: Protestant Burials in Macao

By Lindsay Ride, May Ride, Bernard Mellor

ISBN-10: 9622093841

ISBN-13: 9789622093843

Many of the the key figures (British, ecu and American) through the turbulent occasions resulting in the Opium warfare are buried within the previous Protestant Cemetery in Macao. The tales informed via the inscriptions at the a hundred and sixty gravestones there shape Macao and Hong Kong's heritage.

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Ashore he was referred to by the Americans as the 'Plenipo', and accommodated in apartments on the Praya Grande, where he waited while the Brandywine took on stores. When frustrated in his intention to sail to the mouth of the Peiho, he had first put in at Manila, and then spent the eight months to December 1844 cruising in Hong Kong-Whampoa-Macao waters. He secured the Treaty of Wanghsia, which is reputed to have been signed on a table still in the Kun Yam Temple in Macao, commemorated there by a tablet.

The next month, the Admiral fell sick and returned home, leaving cousin Charles in sole control. Hong Kong and an indemnity of $6 million for the seized opium. Elliot ordered the evacuation of Chusan, and Bremer formally took possession of Hong Kong. The Emperor dismissed Kishen and repudiated his offers, whereupon the British force captured the Bogue forts and Whampoa, invested the factories, and made to attack the city of Canton itself. Cree noted that 'a treaty of peace was said to be concluded with China, after the children of the Flowery Empire had got a severe drubbing and about 600 of them killed, and the forts in the Canton River knocked about their ears'.

Such building as there was suffered extensive storm damage in the typhoon of 21 July. In the same typhoon, Elliot and Bremer were shipwrecked on one of the Ladrones south of Lantau Island, as they were on their way from Macao. On 10 August 1841 Sir Henry Pottinger arrived to take over from Elliot, and after a fortnight of handover formalities, both Elliot and Bremer departed from the scene. Hostilities were not over, however. To secure a firmer basis for completing the agreement, Pottinger sailed north with the fleet and occupied Chinha and Ningpo close to the mouth of the Yangtzekiang, and the island of Chusan.

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