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By R.R. Bowker Company

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ISBN-13: 9780791423981

This can be a single-volume resource of trustworthy info on crucial substitute religions, overlaying for every such necessities as heritage, theology, impression at the tradition, and present prestige. The chapters of the e-book have been written via specialists who research the hobbies they've got written approximately.

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There is a practical way around this practical problem. One must see clearly the situation in which the Wager comes into play. Two factors relevant to the force of the Wager are rarely considered. Yet these alone show how the Wager can help resolve the practical problem, at least for people in specific circumstances. First, it is important to know the purposes for which Pascal composed the argument and people it was intended to convince. All too often, the wager argument is taken as a neutral and purely philosophical argument, a rhetorical move in a polite conversation carried on by unconcerned academics in professional journals.

Thus, if one has a "choice" among deities, and one cannot worship them all, worshiping that than which a greater cannot be conceived offers one the greatest possible benefit. Devotion to the "other gods" is or entails disbelief in that than which a greater cannot be conceived. Therefore, the assumption of the Wager is not necessarily a fideistic choice. It can be construed as a forced option: either believe in that than which a greater cannot be conceived or believe in anything else. But only one Page 21 belief has the possibility of infinite gain.

First, Pascal has a psychological diagnosis of the interlocutor's unbelief: his passion is getting in the way of his reason. The interlocutor accepts the cogency of the argument. Having done so, how can the interlocutor not believe?

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