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By Seth Godin

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Each marketer tells a narrative. And in the event that they do it correct, we think them. We think that wine tastes larger in a $20 glass than a $1 glass. We think that an $80,000 Porsche Cayenne is tremendously more advantageous to a $36,000 VW Touareg, that's almost a similar vehicle. We think that $225 Pumas will make our ft consider better-and glance cooler-than $20 no-names . . . and believing it makes it actual. winning dealers do not discuss positive aspects or perhaps advantages. as a substitute, they inform a narrative. a narrative we wish to think. this can be a booklet approximately doing what shoppers demand-painting bright photos that they decide to think. each organization-from nonprofits to vehicle businesses, from political campaigns to wineglass blowers-must remember the fact that the principles have replaced (again). In an economic system the place the richest have an unlimited variety of offerings (and no time to make them), each association is a marketer and all advertising and marketing is set telling tales. sellers be successful once they let us know a narrative that matches our worldview, a narrative that we intuitively embody after which proportion with our acquaintances. consider the Dyson vacuum cleanser or the iPod. yet pay attention: in case your tales are inauthentic, you pass the road from fib to fraud. retailers fail after they are egocentric and scurrilous, once they abuse the instruments in their exchange and make the area worse. that is a lesson discovered the difficult method by way of telemarketers and Marlboro. this can be a strong booklet for someone who desires to create issues humans really wish instead of commodities that individuals basically want.

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And it’s a great start. But it’s only a start. Positioning, as practiced by most people, is one dimensional. If they are cheap, we’re expensive. They are fast, we are slow, and so on. The authors want you to choose a position for your product knowing that the consumer will receive the position you choose to send them. That’s the way it worked in the old days, when a commercial could deliver precisely the story you hoped it would. Yes, you must choose a position. ) But no, you don’t get to control the message.

In the 2004 presidential election, 290 million people all had access to the same data. We all had the same look at the same two candidates. Yet about half of us were sure that one guy was better and the other half disagreed. Can 145 million people be wrong? I don’t think so. Instead I believe that there are dozens or even hundreds of worldviews among voters. These views were entrenched long before the campaigning even started. A vote is a statement about the voter, not the candidate. Worldviews are the reason that two intelligent people can look at the same data and walk away with completely different conclusions—it’s not that they didn’t have access to the data or that they have poor reasoning skills, it’s simply that they had already put themselves into a particular worldview before you even asked the question.

Making isn’t hard any more. Ford makes Jaguars, Anheuser-Busch makes Kirin, an anonymous plant in Vietnam makes Nike sneakers. The making isn’t hard or special or differentiating any longer. And the end of the curve, the place where you actually tell your stories and authentically live up to what you say you’re going to do—that’s where the leverage is now. The right side of the curve, where you take something people may or may not need and turn it into something they definitely want—that’s where the money is.

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