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Every irritant, every grievance that naturally accumulates among people living together under the same roof, all the stifled and relatively trivial offenses, rose up now to flood her mind. And she spoke aloud: "Because you were a runner-up in a statewide beauty contest, you expected your daughter to go as far as or farther than you. Oh, I understand clearly! I know I've been a disappointment to you. I'm too tall and angular, gawky and thin. I don't run with the Saturday night crowd as you did when you were my age.

Gerald's a chaser. I see it. I feel it in my bones. Right now he's struggling to get ahead, but once there, he'll drop her. I don't trust him. He'll chase after women, and women will chase after him. He's too gorgeous. He ought to be in Hollywood. " "For God's sake, your imagination is running away with you. He's certainly faithful enough. " "I don't say he can't be sincere at the moment. It's possible, after a fashion. She certainly has qualities that you don't find everywhere you look. Deep intelligence.

He tries to please, and as I've said from the beginning-was Jim shouted from the hall, "Francine, come in here and invite Gerald to stay overnight. He thinks it'll be too much trouble. But the road is a sheet of ice. " "Of course. It's no trouble at all to have you stay. " Gerald hesitated. " "You can leave here by noon tomorrow," Jim insisted. "The roads will have started to melt by then. " "You're very kind, but really, I've driven on ice before-was Hyacinth stood there, alone under the light in the center of the hall, waiting.

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