New PDF release: Advances in Logic Based Intelligent Systems: Selected Papers

By K. Nakamatsu, M. Abe (Editors)

ISBN-10: 1423799267

ISBN-13: 9781423799269

ISBN-10: 1586035681

ISBN-13: 9781586035686

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Hoboken: Wiley. Anderson (1935). The Irises of the Gaspé Peninsula. Bulletin of the American Iris Society, 59, 2-5. Peel (2000). Finite Mixture Models. NY: Wiley. Robert (1996). Mixture of Distributions: Inference and Estimation. In [3]. Zacks (2003). Comparing Parameters of Two Bivariate Normal Distributions Using the Invariant FBST. Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 17, 147-168. Stern (2003). Bayesian Evidence Test for Precise Hypotheses. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 117,185–198.

Figure 1 presents the dataset and posterior density level curves for the parameters, θ∗ and θ, optimized for the 1 and 2 component models. In the FBST formulation of the problem, the 2 components is the base model, and the hypothesis to be tested is the constraint of having only 1 component. The FBST selects the 2 component model, rejecting H, if the evidence against the hypothesis is above a given threshold, Ev(H) > τ , and selects the 1 component model, accepting H, otherwise. The threshold τ is chosen by empirical power analysis, see [21,22,23].

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