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Mn , then write max{m1 , . . 15) on the left of ν. This definition does not involve labels on the right at all. The label that it puts on the left of a node is called the height of the node; the root label is called the height of the tree. 3 Parsing trees were first designed by Frege in 1879 for his Begriffsschrift. 16) Our top is his top left. His signature used a and b instead of our p0 and p1 . He marked ¬ with a short line jutting out downwards, and → with an unlabelled branching. Frege himself used his parsing trees as formulas.

Also we leave out the numbering of the discharged assumptions, which is not an essential part of the derivation. 4 for parsing trees. The definition is long and repeats things we said earlier; so we have spelt out only the less obvious clauses. As you read it, you should check that the conditions in (d)–(g) correspond exactly to the natural deduction rules as we defined them in Chapter 2. 1 Let σ be a signature. Then a σ-derivation or, for short, a derivation is a left-and-right-labelled tree (drawn branching upwards) such that the following hold: (a) Every node has arity 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Suppose (N1 , D1 ) and (N2 , D2 ) are planar trees. An isomorphism from (N1 , D1 ) to (N2 , D2 ) is a bijection f : N1 → N2 such that for every node µ ∈ N1 , if D(µ) = (ν1 , . . , νn ) then D(f µ) = (f ν1 , . . , f νn ). We say that two planar trees are isomorphic if there is an isomorphism from the Propositional logic 45 first to the second. ) Prove: If f and g are two isomorphisms from (N1 , D1 ) to (N2 , D2 ) then f = g. 3 Propositional formulas The main aim of this section is to prove that each formula of LP(σ) is associated to a unique parsing tree.

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