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The tremendous but basic concept of introducing a catheter percutaneously into an artery, with no first dissecting it loose, utilizing a versatile consultant twine, has ended in a really progressive leap forward in stomach x-ray diag­ nosis (SELDINGER, 1953). meanwhile, tools and methods for injecting distinction media into a number of vessels became mostly standardized; innumerable guides have seemed which take care of each feasible element of angiographic approach and interpretation. This quantity is designed to give our event with stomach angiography. We intentionally shunned any systematic dialogue of the genitourinary tract, which has been properly handled within the literature, additionally with recognize to angiographic findings. Our curiosity within the retroperitoneal quarter is predicated normally on its value in differential analysis. In ten years of angiographic job, our division had made winning use of an easy procedure which seems appropriate additionally for smaller hospitals. we want to indicate its diagnostic strength and, while, to stipulate its obstacles. Our adventure embraces 2804 belly angiograms, which we have now labeled in keeping with medical and morphologic anatomical standards. Their diagnostic interpretation has been in comparison with the surgical or histopathological effects. this can support others to prevent mistakes of the sort which we came across in our personal paintings. Angiographic analysis calls for not just familiarity with basic radiographic anatomy, but additionally particular wisdom of angiographic patho­ morphology. we now have attempted to spot these beneficial properties which typify the person findings and to derive therefrom legitimate generalizations through uncomplicated sketches.

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2) Severe general arterial occlusive disease with bilateral stenosis of iliac arteries. Bleeding from the translum bar puncture requiring surgical repair. On the day after the operation the patient died of postoperative consumption coagulopathy. Apart from some clinically uneventful extravasations during aortography and innocuous hematomas at the catheter entry site in the inguinal region, we witnessed the following more serious incidents: The role of hypertension is readily apparent from this tabulation.

6 ml/min. They accomplished Gastrointestinal Bleeding this by selective filling of individual visceral arteries, a procedure the authors had used for that purpose for the first time. In 1969, WENZ et al. 0 ml Urografin 76% per kg of body weight (Fig. 69). 0 ml/min, I ml Urografin per kg of body weight proved sufficient. 25 kiloponds/cm 2 , which is equivalent to an injection rate of I ml/sec (Fig. 70). The viscosity of the contrast medium is of secondary importance in the diagnosis of occult intestinal bleeding.

Symptoms similar to 1971 ). abdominal angina have been described in one While the many anastomoses existing patient with celiac involvement (KATER, 1967). within the arcades of the small intestine play 31 The Abdominal Syndrome and Angiography a secondary role in the maintenance of collateral circulation, other collateral vessels between the common or left hepatic artery and the left gastric artery, between the gastroepiploic and the splenic artery, etc. have been described (cf. , 1966). Collateral vessels not belonging to the visceral system include (Fig.

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