New PDF release: A Study of Glossematics: Critical Survey of its Fundamental

By Bertha Siertsema

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And it is language especially that lends itself as an object on which it can be demonstrated. Scholars of all times have been trying to discover a system behind the process of language (the text), a phonetic system, a semantic system, a cally possible even now, and it is therefore no longer reasonable to regard "human nature" as a completely incalculable factor which will inevitably stultify any attempt to make the humanities respectable" (p. 3 Outline). The "respectability" of a science would then seem to depend on the extent to which the science in question is able to reduce its object to "a combination of quite ordinary, calculable factors".

Recherches p. 215). Therefore: "ce n' est pas seulement la substance du contenu qui est "mentale" ni la substance de l'expression seule qui est physique. Toutes les deux se laissent concevoir de deux fa~ons" (Id. p. 219 2). The study of the elements of thought, directed to the plane of the content (Fr. contenu), is called plerematics, the units it deals with are pleremes (from Gr. 7tA:flP"1Jt; = full: these units "contain" a "lump" of meaning, so to say). The study of the elements of the other plane of language, the elements of expression, is called cenematics, the units it deals with are cenemes (from Gr.

Logic or ontology. The danger of overlooking language itself in these studies was the greater as language wants to be overlooked. its natural tendency is to be a means, not an end, and it is only by artifice that the searchlight can be directed on the means itself of obtaining knowledge. Yet this is what has to be done. To create a true linguistics. language should be studied "not as a conglomerate of non-linguistic phenomena, but as a self-sufficient totality, a structure sui generis" (OSG p. 7).

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