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By By M. Winternitz.Translated by Mrs. S. Ketkar (and Miss H. Kohn), and revised by the author.

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P. 433. 18 INDIAN LITERATURE criticized by Hegel, he wrote that, however indifferent he might be to Hegel's judgment, he greatly valued the Indian philosophical poem. " Yet another great hero of German literature remains to be mentioned, who fortunately for our science, had enthusiasm for Indian poetry. This is the German poet Friedrich Rückert, the incomparable master of the art of translation. Of the loveliest gems of Indian epics and lyrics there is indeed much which 1} " Rustled thousands of years ago In the tops of Indian palms," and which, through him, has become the common property of the German peopled Till the year 1830 it was almost entirely the so­called classical Sanskrit literature which occupied the attention of European students.

A ) The fate of this prince forms the subject of a beautiful, unfortunately too little known tragedy by L. von Schroeder, " Dara oder Schah Dschehan und seine Söhne " (Mitau 1891). 3 ) Anquetil du Perron, too, was among those who were inspired by the was himself a kind of Indian ascetic. See E. Windisch, Upanisads, and " Die altindischen Religionsurkun­ den und die christliche Mission," Leipzig, 1897, p. 15, and "Geschichte der Sanskrit­Philo­ logie," pp‚ 48 ff. e. secretum tegendum, opus ipsa in rarissimum, continens antiquam et arcanam s.

And GGA‚ 1892, pp. 482 ff. C. C a n d r a g u p t a , the Sandrakottos of the Greek writers, conducted successfully the revolt against the prefects of Alexander, took possession of the throne, and became the founder of the Maurya dynasty in Pāṭaliputra (the Palibothra of the Greeks, the present Patna). I t was at about the same time, or a few years later, that the Greek M e g a s t h e n e s was sent by Seleukos as ambassador to the court of Candragupta. The fragments which have been preserved of the description of I ndia, written by him, give us a picture of the state of Indian culture at that time, and enable us to draw conclusions as to the dates of several I ndian literary works.

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A History of Indian Literature. Vol. I. by By M. Winternitz.Translated by Mrs. S. Ketkar (and Miss H. Kohn), and revised by the author.

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