New PDF release: A Concise Introduction to Logic (11th Edition) - Test Bank

By Patrick J. Hurley

ISBN-10: 0840034172

ISBN-13: 9780840034175

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Unsurpassed for its readability and comprehensiveness, Hurley's A CONCISE advent TO good judgment is the number one introductory good judgment textbook out there. during this 11th variation, Hurley keeps to construct upon the culture of a lucid, centred, and available presentation of the elemental subject material of good judgment, either formal and casual. Hurley's vast, rigorously sequenced choice of workouts proceed to steer scholars towards higher skillability with the talents they're studying.

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A. Deductive, invalid. b. Inductive, strong. c. Deductive, valid. d. Inductive, weak. e. Deductive, sound. ANS: B PTS: 2 33. When asked how to address the militaristic ambitions of Syria, two Republican senators said we should drop bombs on Damascus, and a third said we should invade. The obvious conclusion is that Republicans are all a bunch of war mongers. a. Inductive, strong. b. Deductive, invalid. c. Inductive, cogent. d. Deductive, valid. e. Inductive, weak. ANS: E PTS: 2 34. If interest rates rise, then home sales will decline.

In the expression "If corporate CEOs are paid exorbitant salaries, then investors are cheated," the statement "Corporate CEOs are paid exorbitant salaries" is called the: a. Conditional. b. Premise. c. Consequent. d. Explanans. e. Antecedent. ANS: E PTS: 2 40. An argument that proceeds from knowledge of a cause to a claim about an effect is: a. A sound argument. b. A strong argument. c. A cogent argument. d. An inductive argument. e. A deductive argument. ANS: D PTS: 2 41. An argument that proceeds from our knowledge of the past to a claim about the future is: a.

Economists developed the notion that an asset's value is based on the future cash flow the asset will provide. Accountants provided the information about the likely size of those cash flows. So, people who work in finance require knowledge of both economics and accounting. Eugene F. , Fundamentals of Financial Management. a. Argument; conclusion: Economists developed the notion ... asset will provide. b. Argument; conclusion: People who work in finance ... accounting. c. Argument; conclusion: Accountants provided the information ...

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