A comparison of Egyptian symbols with those of the Hebrews by Frédéric Portal, baron de; John W Simons PDF

By Frédéric Portal, baron de; John W Simons

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Gesenius, verbo nn. 16 Akerblad, Letter to M. De EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS. 81 and French versions of HorapoUo but the Greek author was far from having so burlesque and inexplicable a thought he simply made use of a Latin expression, not understood by his translators; oroftaxov, in Philippe's The Jinger, says translation, means, as in Latin, anger. ; ; man; it is the Jinger o/' God in think that the use of this sign is frequently found in the liitM"oglyj)liic texts; but I have not sufficient space to elaborate my opinion" (Lenormant, he, indicates the anger of the scriptures.

When this insect wishes to beget, it walks backward and the Hetowards the region of darkness, the west brew name of the beetle is formed of ^s tsl, shadow, ; darkness, ^b:i tsll, to obscure, to orershadoir. It rolls, the imnge of the worhl, the ball, with its the same word V^ri tsll signifies to posterior claws, and roll underneath (Gesenius). ), from whence is formed rh^i tsule, tlie depths of the sea (Gesenius). i of initiation ball of" excrement from wlicnci' is lo conn' forth the new buried beetle, is tlie imagt; of our body of corrnption n the earth it dies iind is horn again lo a new life, being The initiation symfructified by the baptismal waters.

The bull on the obelisk at Paris has the signification given in Hebrew. ^ name of the bull "3 same word as the verb n-i3, the pr, feminine "13 to he fruitful. VULTURE. HorapoUo (I. maternity,^ oi' t>f was the symbol 11) says that the vulture heaceu, and knoicltdge of the future, oi mer- Minerva, and Juno. , a little further on, that the heads of the goddesses p. 183). The vulture represented Pliny, no one can reach heaven, because, according to nest, built on the highest its Which causes rocks (Nat.

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A comparison of Egyptian symbols with those of the Hebrews by Frédéric Portal, baron de; John W Simons

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