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ISBN-13: 9784431683933

In the USA and Europe, carbon dioxide has been prevalent because the distention medium in hysteroscopy, unlike the common use of liquid hysteroscopy in Japan. There are benefits and demerits for either media, however the writer prefers liquid hysteroscopy as a result of decreased leakage into the stomach hollow space, diminished glare, and superior particles removing. even though television pictures captured with a versatile endoscope are hired for regimen paintings, the writer insists on utilizing a single-lens reflex digital camera with a inflexible endoscope for generating splendidly transparent pictures. Having conducted among four hundred and 550 examinations a yr for the final twenty years, the writer has outfitted up a magnificent library of imperative diagnostic pictures. Over two hundred of those photos are reproduced in colour during this atlas to supply a visible consultant to uterine abnormalities of exceptional breadth and clarity.

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Immediately before the onset of menstruation, tiny blood spots begin to appear, but the endometrium does not desquamate yet (Figs. 61, 62). Fig. 58. The uterine cavity in the late secretory phase (day 26 of the cycle). Age 29. As stromal edema has nearly receded, the mucosal protrusions are rather withered, leaving the wrinkled surface Fig. 59. The uterine cavity in the late secretory phase (day 27 of the cycle). Age 29. As involution advances, engorged polypoid protrusions wither much more. Stromal edema and visible vessels decrease, and superficial wrinkles increase 56 7.

Age 32. The cervical canal is distorted by the nodule of leiomyoma bulging into the canal. The surface is covered with creased mucosa peculiar to the endocervix Fig. 26. Submucosal leiomyoma of the cervix. Age 31. The cervical canal is full of a hard, round tumor with papillary mucosa. It is necessary to differentiate this from papillomatous carcinoma 34 6. 4 Chronic Cervicitis Not infrequently, the endocervical mucosa with dilated vessels or plentiful small papillary projections is visible (Figs.

Normal endocervical canal of a nulliparous woman. Age 30. Some crests have crypts of various sizes Fig. 13. Normal endocervical canal of a nulliparous woman. Age 26. The plicae are somewhat irregular and decreased Fig. 14. Normal endocervical canal of a multiparous woman. Age 27. The crests form complicatedly branched trabeculae Normal Findings of the Cervix 29 Fig. 15. Normal endocervical canal of a multiparous woman. Age 47. The cervical mucosa, of which the surface has a few glandular openings, show relief from the folds Fig.

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