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From Nuclear Transmutation to Nuclear Fission, 1932-1939 offers with a specific section within the early heritage of nuclear physics: the race between 4 laboratory groups to be the 1st to accomplish the transmutation of atomic nuclei with artificially sped up nuclear projectiles (protons) in high-voltage discharge tubes.

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This 3rd quantity completes the 1st a part of the venture " Macromolecular Physics. " the 1st quantity handled the outline of macromolecular crystals; the second one quantity handled crystal progress; and the 3rd quantity summarizes our wisdom of the melting of linear, versatile macromolecules. The dialogue within the 3 volumes is going from quite well-established issues, reminiscent of the constitution, morphology, and defects in crystals, to themes nonetheless in flux, resembling crystal nucleation, distinctive progress mechanisms, and annealing methods, to reach at this time themes of equilibrium, nonequilibrium, and copolymer melting.

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4. 025 eV. 0 m? 5. 6 per cent during 100 days. 6. Determine the age of ancient wooden items, if it is known that the specific activity of 14C nuclide amounts to 3/5 of that in lately felled trees. 11. 7. lg of 24Na radionuclide. What will its activity be after one day? 8. 20 Ci. 11. 9. Calculate the specific activity of pure 239PU. 10. How many milligrams of beta-active 89Sr should be added to 1 mg of inactive strontium to make the specific activity of the preparation equal to 1370 Ci/g? 11. 10 3 S-l.

71 A. 21. 0 em from the fIlm. 1 mm. Calculate the lattice constant. The lattice is known to be a space-centered cubic one. 22. 4. Taking into account that the diameters of these rings are considerably smaller than the distance between the film and the screen, determine the type of the lattice (face- or space-centered). 0 n BINDING ENERGY. 3 mm. The incident beam direction is perpendicular to the rotation axis (the camera's axis). The X-ray pattern comprises the system of maxima distributed over the layer lines (Fig.

3) where e = I n - (n) I is the deviation from the mean, a is the standard error of a single measurement, a= • y (n) ~ l/71. Standard error of the sum or difference of independent measurements a= Ya~+aH- ... 4) where at are the standard errors of independent measurements. 1. Find the decay probability for a nucleus during the time interval t, if its decay constant is equal to 'A. 2. Demonstrate that the mean lifetime of radioactive nuclei equal 't = 1/'A, where 'A is their decay constant.

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