A Climate of Success. Creating the right organizational by Roderic Gray (Auth.) PDF

By Roderic Gray (Auth.)

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"How does it consider to paintings here?"--The value of an organization's weather is necessary to its success.

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Assesses that no amount of effort on her part is likely to result in performance. It doesn’t matter how attractive a reward she is offered, the task isn’t worth attempting. So, her motivation is effectively nil. ) If, on the other hand, the document is in French, which she learnt at school but has now largely forgotten, and has to be translated into English, her native language, she might decide that effort on her part could possibly result in ‘performance’. So the next question becomes relevant: will it produce the desired outcome?

There’s a strong flavour of Theory X about it; someone needs to be ‘compensated’ for the unpleasantness and loss associated with going to work. If we can turn this around, so that work is full of rewards; personal, emotional, intellectual and financial, we would have made the workplace a much better place to be and, as I contend in this book, much more successful on every level. There are, of course, many theories and perspectives on workplace motivation which I haven’t mentioned here. This isn’t just because of lack of space, but rather because I don’t find them very helpful in making organizations more effective.

Natural systems are the evolution-made, irreducible wholes which an observer can observe and describe as such, being made up of other entities having mutual relationships. They are ‘irreducible’ in the sense that meaningful statements can be made about them as wholes, and this remains true even if we can describe their components and the relationships between the components with some precision. Carbon dioxide is not reducible in this sense to carbon and oxygen, in that however much we know about interatomic distances and bond angles, carbon dioxide remains a higher level whole having properties of its own.

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