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GOTO 200 180 PRINT"NO! • " 220 PRINT R;" RIGHT AND ";W;" WRONG" 230 PRINT:GOTO 20 300 DATA BUTLER,NANNY,GARDNER,BURGLAR,SON, WIFE 21 Wi nner's Message Flashing lights. Ringing beils. This message to hail a win in agame really attracts attention! Use it at an appropriate point in your game. It will print the message YOU WIN on the video screen with a solidbar underline, and ring a bell. The message flashes. The underline does not. Here's how it works : lines 30 to 80 print the message. 33 Unes 90 to 110 display the underline bar.

It could just as weil be 100 to 200 for which you would substitute the expression : FOR M = 100 TO 200 or 10,000 to 10,100 for wh ich you would use the expression: FOR M = 10000 TO 10100 These substitutions are at line 20, of course. In fact, you could look at quite a lot of locations like this: FOR M TO 60000 =. Program Listing 10 20 30 40 50 HOME FOR M=1000 TO 1100 P=PEEK (M) C$ =CHR$ (P) PRINT "ASCII VALUE AT ";M;" 15 " 60 70 80 90 PRINT "CHARACTER AT ";M;" IS ";C$ PRINT FOR L=l TO 500:NEXT L NEXT M ;P 50 38 Search & Order This program shows a way to sort information into a specific order.

At 130 it is looking for a C. If none are found, line 140 pushes action back up to line 100 where the computer patiently awaits another key press. Une 140, then, is an error trap to make sure no letter, other than A, B, or C, gets through. Program Listing 10 20 30 4D 50 60 100 110 120 130 140 200 210 300 310 400 410 / HOME PRINT"TO GO TO:" PRINT:PRINT"LINE 200" ," PR E55 A" PRINT"LINE 300","PRE55 B" PRINT"LINE 400","PRE55 C" PRINT:PRINT GET KY$ IF KY$="A" THEN 200 IF KY$="B" THEN 300 IF KY$="C" THEN 400 GOTO 100 PRINT"AT LINE 200" GOTO 60 PRINT"AT LINE 300" GOTO 60 PRINT"AT LINE 400" GOTO 60 35 Character-ASCII Review Here's a fast converslon, either to or from an ASCII value.

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